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Mark Torr FCCA

Mark Torr FCCA

Chartered Certified Accountant
Corporate Finance & Financial Services

"…once used to get paid £10 a night to body bop and break-dance in a Blackpool nightclub in the summer."


Direct Tel: 0116 2423428

Mobile: 07974 444068

Mike Waterfield FMAAT

Mike Waterfield FMAAT

Accounts & Marketing

"I enjoy many sports & in particular motorsport. Going back, too many years to remember, I competed at a national level in Motocross but more recently I prefer leisurely 4 wheel activities."


Direct Tel: 0116 2423427

Mobile: 07974 444067

Julia Noon FCCA

Julia Noon FCCA

Chartered Certified Accountant

"I once did a glider flight, but these days I like to keep my feet firmly on the ground."


Direct Tel: 0116 2423431

Mobile: 07515 330331

Tom Simpson FCA

Tom Simpson FCA

Chartered Accountant
Human Resources

"My hobbies include playing squash and walking and I have so far bagged 102 Munros."


Direct Tel: 0116 2423430

Mobile: 07739 627030

Peter Morris FCA

Peter Morris FCA

Chartered Accountant

"When in the police, I once ticketed Ronald McDonald for riding his motorbike with defective lights."


Direct Tel: 0116 2423457

Mobile: 07852 724144

Nish Bathia FCA

Nish Bathia FCA

Chartered Accountant

"Will watch any sport and enthusiastically participate as well, particularly golf, badminton and a gym session. Moto - If you have the spirit of understanding everything in a positive way, you’ll enjoy each & every moment of life, whether it’s pressure or pleasure!"


Direct Tel: 0116 2423439

Mobile: 07932 100316

Alistair Ferris ACCA

Alistair Ferris FCCA

Chartered Certified Accountant

"I once met Keith Chegwin."


Direct Tel: 0116 2423420

Mobile: 07515 330332


Mark Cunnold MAAT

Mark Cunnold MAAT

Client Manager

"The Joker in the pack always looking for that opportunity to keep everyone smiling."


Direct Tel: 0116 2423433

Mobile: 07515 330333

Richard Jeffreys ACA

Richard Jeffreys ACA

Chartered Accountant
Senior Audit Manager

"I am an enthusiastic ten pin bowler who is trying to beat 200 on a regular basis."


Direct Tel: 0116 2423425

Mobile: 07969 720786

Meil Ford FCA CTA

Neil Ford FCA CTA

Chartered Accountant
Technical Manager

"Outside of work, I enjoy holidaying with my wife in our VW campervan."


Direct Tel: 0116 2423435

Mobile: 07779 150579

Julia Harrison CTA MAAT

Julia Harrison CTA MAAT

Chartered Tax Adviser
Tax Manager

"After a taxing day at work likes to get stuck into a gruelling circuits class at the gym."


Direct Tel: 0116 2423406

Katie Kettle ACCA

Katie Kettle FCCA

Chartered Certified Accountant
Technical Manager

"I’m passionate about fitness – in my spare time I teach group exercise classes."


Direct Tel: 0116 2423417

Mobile: 07821 296257

Alex Frow FCA

Alex Frow FCA

Chartered Accountant
Technical Manager

"I like to relax outside work by providing a taxi service to my two children for their numerous sporting activities."


Direct Tel: 0116 2423422

Mobile: 07458 052706

Stuart Caney

Stuart Caney

Bookkeeping Manager

"I do a lot of walking in my spare time, but only if there is a pub on the route."


Direct Tel: 0116 2423410

Mobile: 07458 007204

Matt Smith

Matt Smith BSc (Hons) ACCA

Client Manager

"Outside of work I enjoy walks with my family and a good pint of beer (or two!)"


Direct Tel: 0116 2423458

Mobile: 07458 052753

David Weir

David Weir

Senior Tax Manager

"I once completed the Coast to Coast walk across northern England from St Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay"


Direct Tel: 0116 2423454

Mobile: 07580 325638

The Team


Rebecca Edwards Payroll Manager becky.edwards@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423412
Donna Tarrant Payroll Assistant donna.tarrant@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423460
Andrea Moran Payroll & Bookeeping andrea.moran@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423464
Jane Brittle Payroll Assistant jane.brittle@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423432


Shahalam Pelaria Bookkeeping shahalam.pelaria@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423455
Lewis Voce Bookkeeping lewis.voce@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423419

Accounts & Tax

Paul Witherington Accounts & Tax paul.witherington@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423409
Beth Judd Accounts & Tax beth.judd@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423408
Denise Burley Accounts & Tax denise.burley@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423429
Aiden Hyett ACCA Accounts & Tax aiden.hyett@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423418
Jake Dempsey Accounts & Tax jake.dempsey@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423434
Jess Cooper MAAT Accounts & Tax jess.cooper@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423407
Calum Ainge MAAT Accounts & Tax calum.ainge@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423461
Sam Jefferson MAAT Accounts & Tax sam.jefferson@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423421
James Yarnall Accounts & Tax james.yarnall@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423462
Sam Koelling Accounts & Tax sam.koelling@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423456
Jo Sherriff MAAT & TEP Accounts & Tax jo.sherriff@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423402
Alex Simpson Bsc (Hons) Accounts & Tax alex.simpson@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423405
Jaimal Bathia Accounts & Tax jaimal.bathia@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423403

Accounts, Audit & Tax

Phil Hinde ACCA Accounts, Audit & Tax phil.hinde@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423443
Brook Lucas MAAT Accounts, Audit & Tax brook.lucas@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423426
Mohammed Osman BSc (Hons) CA Accountant mo.osman@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423442


Paul Dencer Tax Advisor paul.dencer@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423440

Administration & Support

Linda Plumb Credit Control linda.plumb@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423423
Hollie Crown Office Manager hollie.crown@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423424
Paula McIntosh Administration paula.mcintosh@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423416
Amy Fisher Receptionist & Admin Assistant amy.fisher@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423413
Heather Waterfield Administration heather.waterfield@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423415
Susan Mee Administration susan.mee@torrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423465
Elliott Walker Reception & Administration elliott.walker@torrrwaterfield.co.uk 0116 2423459

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