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Charity of the Year

Each year at Torr Waterfield we choose a charity, local or national, to represent and raise money for.

This year we have chosen L.A.M.P. (Leicestershire Action for Mental Health Projects). L.A.M.P. works to support those in mental distress in our community; their advocates support and protect the rights of vulnerable people in mental distress who are often unable to voice their needs and concerns.

Over the course of the next year we will raise money through a variety of activities for this worthy local cause.

On the 10th May we held our annual Torr Waterfield Karting Cup where 12 teams competed in a two hour endurance race. The evening was packed with fun and some memorable moments resulting in £1,200 being raised for L.A.M.P.

September is when we have our 'Walking challenge' where team members, friends and family take part in an organised walk. This year will see us spend two days walking 45 miles of mixed terrain around Lake Windermere.

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